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Free PostNet - PostNet delivery on orders over R380
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TIN + REFILL PACKET DEAL (100g Premium Grade Matcha)

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Product includes :

1 X 50g Tin of Premium Grade Matcha

1 X 50g Refill Packet

  • 6 kcals per serving & fat free
  • Organic & 100% natural
  • Premium and high quality, perfect for new and everyday matcha drinkers
  • Reusable and functional steel tin
  • Packed in a sealed packet to conserve freshness
  • 100g gives 90-100 servings

Ideal for the daily Matcha drinker! Instead of buying Matcha in a packet you will likely throw away, why not buy the same Matcha in a reusable, aesthetically pleasing steel tin? Then you can refill the tin when it is finished.

Matcha Tea is made from fine, stone-ground Green Tea leaves. This means that consuming Matcha gives you all the known health benefits of Green Tea in a highly concentrated, powerful form. In terms of nutritional content, one cup of Matcha tea is equal to 10 cups of regularly brewed loose leaf green tea! This is one of the reasons that Muscle and Fitness Magazine claims that Matcha tea will "torch body fat".

We love Matcha tea and strongly believe in its health benefits and we make every effort to give you the lowest price possible.

*Mason jar not included

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