Free PostNet - PostNet delivery on orders over R380
Free PostNet - PostNet delivery on orders over R380
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Here at Real Tea, we love Matcha tea and strongly believe in its health benefits. We desire that hardworking, real people are able to experience the benefits of the highest quality premium matcha, without having to take out a loan from the bank.

This is why we make every effort to give you the lowest price possible. By getting rid of expensive, gimmicky packaging we save money and deliver you affordable Matcha without compromising on quality or nutritional value. We sell our tea in a simple, recyclable and re-sealable paper packet with a food-grade metalized lining to keep your quality Matcha fresh and delicious.

Find out more about our story & our matcha green tea here.

We also believe in supporting local tea merchants, health businesses and avid tea drinkers and supply to many businesses across South Africa. If you are looking for a supplier of premium quality matcha, click here.