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Free PostNet - PostNet delivery on orders over R380
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About Us

Our Story

After experiencing the powerful health benefits of Matcha tea we made it our goal to make this product available to the masses.  We set out to find tea loving, sustainable farmers who would partner with us in getting the powerful Matcha tea into the tea cups of the world. 

We quickly discovered that most Matcha teas on the market cost an arm and a leg, a tradition we did not want to continue.

So how do we sell quality, sustainable, healthy Matcha tea at such an affordable price? By getting rid of expensive, gimmicky packaging we save money and you get affordable Matcha. It’s as easy as that. 

We source our organic premium grade Matcha green tea from one of the earliest organic tea growers in the Zhejiang province of China. 





Our Matcha is:

  • 6 kcals per serving

  • Organic & 100% natural (including our flavoured matcha teas)

  • Fat free

  • Premium grade: high quality, perfect for new and everyday matcha drinkers

  • Contains no preservatives or additives

  • Packed in a sealed airtight packet to conserve freshness

  • Certified by EU & NOP Organic, BRC, HACCP, Ceres.

  • Soil tested by ZAIQ.

If you are a local entrepreneur and are interested in partnering with us to sell your product on this platform, please feel free to contact us here or email us at