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Feeling Tired and Sluggish in the Morning? We Might Just Have The Solution!

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Trade In Your Jittery Morning Coffee for Relaxing Matcha Energy! 


Are you dependent on coffee to get through the day? Do you ever feel the late morning jitters when your coffee’s worn off? Are you tired of the up and down energy roller coaster you’ve been riding on with coffee?

Try Matcha. Replace your morning coffee with a cup of healthy, delicious Matcha and reap the benefits. Research has shown that Matcha gives you more sustainable and longer lasting energy than coffee! Whereas coffee and many other caffeine beverages leave your body feeling jumpy and turbulent, Matcha prompts the body to become alert while remaining relaxed. It’s no wonder that Japanese monks have drank Matcha for hundreds of years to stay awake during meditation!

Matcha contains high levels of the amino acid L-Theanine (almost exclusively found in green tea) which gives the beverage this focused energy. According to L-Theanine is often used “for treating anxiety and high blood pressure” as well as “preventing Alzheimer’s disease and for making cancer drugs more effective.”

Even though a cup of Matcha contains about half of the caffeine an espresso has, it may enable you to have energy for 3-6 times longer than your regular coffee. This is without the jittery side effects! The Canadian health nut and entrepreneur Doug Collins writes that “the caffeine in Matcha forms bonds with numerous nutrients so that it enters the bloodstream in a time-release fashion, leading to a steady level energy over 3-6 hours, rather than a spike and crash within 1 hour.”

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Furthermore, a 2016 study about L-Theanine and its positive effects on stress wrote that “A number of studies have systematically explored the isolated and combined effects of l-theanine and caffeine on mood and cognitive performance, typically observing cognitive enhancing effects for combined treatment…” What does this mean? Matcha enhances your brain’s activity and will help you start your day off right!

So what are you waiting for? See the difference yourself and tell your friends! The first 10 people to use the code JS9CHPS4XMNB will receive 10% off all orders!



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