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How is Matcha Made? 2 Reasons RealTea Matcha is Wonderfully Different than Normal Green Tea!

We've already looked at some of Matcha tea's amazing health benefits (here), the caffeine in Matcha compared to coffee (here)  and some of the amazing ways you can drink RealTea Matcha (Hot Chocolate, Smoothie, Milkshake). But how is Matcha made? We know Matcha is different than regular green tea, but how? 

Matcha is made in a similar, but crucially different way compared to green tea! The following two differences in how Matcha is processed shows why RealTea Matcha is better for you than the normal green tea in your cupboard. 

1. Crushed Tea Leaves

When you drink RealTea Matcha you are actually consuming crushed tea leaves and thus reaping all of the extra health benefits (for more on those click here)! Both green tea and Matcha are made from the Camellia sinensis plant (the tea plant) but Matcha is much more potent and is made up of crushed tea leaves which have gone through a special procedure. This results in Matcha having higher levels of antixoxidants and caffeine than normal green tea. These antixodants are what lead to some of the amazing health benefits Matcha has!


2. Shaded Tea Leaves

The plants that make Matcha tea are also shaded during the last 20-30 days of growth which leads to a higher level of antioxodants. This is another process that the plants that make regular green tea do not go through. 

As stated above, because Matcha tea is made so differently than normal green tea, Matcha has numerous better benefits! The antioxidants in Matcha have been found to help with weight loss, heart health and skin health (just to name a few)! 

Here is a cool video from the Youtube channel Eater that shows how Matcha is processed!

(Note! The Matcha being produced in the video is not RealTea Matcha).

So what are you waiting for? Trade in some of that old green tea in your pantry for delicious, healthy, organic RealTea Matcha goodness! 

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