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Easy Delicious Matcha Super-food Milkshake

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Everyone knows about the incredible health properties of Matcha Green Tea. The highly concentrated powder of Matcha means that just one teaspoon contains all the beneficial nutrients of up to 10 cups of regular brewed green tea! The tea is incredibly rich in anti-oxidants and has been considered a miracle elixir in the far east for over a millennium. Its high caffeine content and handy knack for increasing our metabolisms means that it also helps to burn fat! Its no wonder that Matcha is now considered one of the most powerful super foods on the market today.

So how can we increase our intake of this incredible health drink? Some consider the taste too strong, but with this simple delicious recipe you can get your Matcha nutritional fix whilst enjoying the delicious taste. 


2 Scoops sugar free vanilla Ice-cream

1 tsp RealTea Matcha Green Tea

A splash of Milk

1 Tsp of Honey

Simply blend all the ingredients together and you have a delicious, nutritional treat! As simple as that! 





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